Monday, October 01, 2012

Swarovski Galaxy S3: an over-priced, luxurious device that actually doesn’t suck

We have seen a plethora of devices made of exotic leathers, pricey metals and precious stones. These are usually meant to be a status symbol as they cost a fortune. Some examples include the Tag Heuer Link and theLamborghini TL700, but there is something else that sets these devices apart from the crowd. They usually have horrible specs and outdated OS versions (and don’t even hope for updates); we just wonder how they can’t take some of those thousands of dollars they charge per device and make them better.
But to the point: if you are a filthy rich Android enthusiast that wants some bling and also a high-end device we have the best option for you. How about a Samsung Galaxy S3 made with swarovski crystals? That is right, one of the most acclaimed and high-end devices currently available. And you can get it for just under $3390 USD (£2099).
We usually advice you pay the normal price and enjoy your devices as they are, but if you are going to go luxurious you might as well do it right. And based on what we have seen, this is the best option. You can get it straight from, where they also have a selection of iPhones and Blackberry devices made of gold and other premium materials.
As for the rest of us peasants, we will stick with our regular devices made of mundane metals and plastics.
[Source: AmosuCouture Via: MobileSyrup]
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